Moving files to mount with move or copy commands

This is a question to do with performance more than anything. Currently, I am on a 1 Gigabit down / 250 Mbps up network.

I run both Sonarr and rclone inside a linux VM on a windows PC (and am working towards having Sonarr on the PC with a samba mount to bridge the two).

When Sonarr writes to my GDrive rclone mount, I get highly inconsistent speeds (constantly jumps from 0 to 15 MB/s) and never goes higher than that. This is opposed to consistently hitting 30+ MB/s uploads with a move/copy command with 12 threads.

Here is where the question comes in to play:

Is there a way to enable multi-thread uploads on the mount, or is it inherently slow?

Is there a way to replace the function of moving a file to the mount from Sonarr with a move command while maintaining the integrity of my library?

Thanks for the help in advance.