Moving files between two encrypted subfolders on the same remote

I apologize for this banal question but I am struggling finding the right way with the plethora of options generously offered by rclone.

Situation: I have two encrypted folders on ACD: RC1 & RC2. Both use the same encryption-key by RC.

My question: What’s the best (the most efficient) way to move some files from RC1 to RC2?

Selecting files on Amazon’s webui is obviously not easy when it comes to selecting the right file, but moving files that way is instantaneous!

The way I have been doing it is to mount both remotes & then do: rclone move X RC2

The problem is that my method so far is slow (it seems to decrypt the file from the mount and reupload it instead of just moving it. Same with “moveto” I think). More importantly, I can’t even do that when I am on my windows computer because I can’t mount rclone and Rclone-browser is not - yet - capable of this type of move.

Thank you in advance! ?

Thank you. I have tried that. It takes as long as a first-time upload. I just tried it again and a couple of large files had an ETA of 2hours each. But if I manage to find their encrypted name and use amazon to move those files from one folder to another, it is immediately processed and visible in an rc mount.

You can only use server side copy on the same remtote - if you have two differerent ones, one for each directory, it won’t work.

You can use --crypt-show-mapping (with a recent beta) to show what the file names are (use it with rclone ls) and move them in the web interface.

I’d move both the folders under the same parent and just have one remtote.

@ncw thank you as always! I did not know about the new beta option so I found a pathetic workaround by getting the ls remote > output.txt and doing a batch “touch” for each line and decrypting it locally first…so glad to hear about the new option.
You’re awesome!

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