Moveto option, strange "issue"?

I was doing a simply moveto to move a file from gd:filmname.mkv to gd:films/filmname.mkv with:

rclone moveto gd:filmname.mkv gd:films/filmname.mkv

The problem is that, now, gd:films has a new folder inside, named “filmname.mkv” and ALL the files that “films” folder had before, are now inside “filename.mkv” folder. So, the file structure before the moveto execution was:

gd:film/all the films

and now it is:

gd:films/filmname.mkv/all the films

How can I revert this or, at least, move everything inside “filmname.mkv” to “films” like it was before?

Thanks a lot!

This is a bug I fixed recently so first download the latest beta.

Then you can use moveto to move it back.

Or alternatively you can use rclone mount then use standard unix tools.

Thanks @ncw.

BTW, can I use standard unix tools with crypted mount?

Sure - just use ls / mv etc or do it with the GUI

Thank you, didn’t know it!