Move to rclone mount vs. rclone move?

I am currently debating on whether I should continue to use rclone move for moving completed torrents to gdrive. I’m currently having deluge auto-move completed torrents into a seperate empty folder with a cronjob running “rclone move” on it every minute (I’ve also implemented flock in the cronjob to prevent overlapping instances). I was wondering if it would be better to just mount rclone and auto-move files directly to the mount, rather than having the cronjob. I’m supposing that is better to do the latter, but I unsure of both the reliability of rclone mount and the transfer speed using this method. Also, in the context of rclone mount, how do the checkers and transfers flags work?

How about even better.

Install the deluge Execute plugin and write a script that moves the completed torrent’s data into your rclone storage.

Yeah, I figured that I would need to use that. I just couldn’t decide whether I should rclone mount and move or just rclone move. After some recent complications, I’ve decided that I’, definitely just going to script rclone move.

Stumbled on this in my research. Would this command from deluge fire correctly:

rclone move “$3” remote:’Media Drive/rclone’

In my head that moves the torrents path to Google Drive.

Can you tell me more about the flock command?

Basically it makes lock file and script exit if the file exist.
Personally I dont use flock much mainly as sometime I like to kill my running scripts and lock file is not deleted eg script would keep running.

If i dont want scripts to have multiple instances I put this on top of the file

if pidof -o %PPID -x “$0”; then
exit 1

So basically I would write a script that has my copy in it, and then reference the script in crontab?

Sounds simple enough.