Move single files

hello I am trying to move files on my drives with rclone but only specific ones, this is the command that i use:

rclone move "src:series/file 1.mkv" "src:series/Season 1/file 1.mkv" -P

Though, when I do it I got it transfered to:

series/Season 1/file 1.mkv/file 1.mkv

it, end ups creating another folder with the name of the file i wanted to tranfer.


the dest needs to be a directory, try
rclone move "src:series/file 1.mkv" "src:series/Season 1" -P

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Just for completeness, you can use rclone moveto also which can move file -> file

rclone moveto "src:series/file 1.mkv" "src:series/Season 1/file 1.mkv" -P
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Thanks, will that command work for multiple files?

rclone moveto src:serie/file1.mkv src:serie/season 1/file1.mkv src:serie/file2.mkv src:serie/season 1/file2.mkv etc

no, one file per command.

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