Move from TeamDrive to "MyDrive"


I have some big files inside MY own TeamDrive.

If I move it from teamdrive to Drive on the Google Drive web, it moves directly, without quotas.

How can I make the same movements from rclone? Because if I do "rclone move TEAM: to --> Drive:" it makes a copy and then delete from source, right?


You can use rclone move src: dst: with the --drive-server-side-across-configs flag.

This relies on the dst: user having permissions to move things from the src:.

You could also pass --disable Move if you want rclone to do a copy then delete.

Thanks for your reply.

But, this is not affected by the 750gb/day?

I believe the answer to this is that rclone and Google's webGUI does this process a bit differently.

Google just changes some permissions on the files so they now belong to your personal drive.
Rclone actually moves or copies them - and this is going to use quota.
I don't believe that Rclone can replicate this spesific thing yet. I don't know if Google have exposed the functions required to implement this. @ncw probably knows the details of this.

Within the same drive rclone can move stuff easily of course, but across different drives it can not yet do what the Google webGUI natively does yet (to the best of my knowledge) without requiring an actual transfer operation.

Rclone can in theory move things between accounts - the code calls the correct bits of API. Whether it works or not depends on the permissions and google and things out of rclone's control.

Ah, so it may actually work depending on circumstances?

Is there any sort of feedback given anywhere about this and if it uses this method or the fallback method?
It would be pretty interesting to take a look at in various situations and see if I can find a pattern to it.

If you try to rclone move between two drives then rclone will try a server side move if the between configs flag is set. If it doesn't work it will give an error and probably won't fall back to download/upload.

I think we are talking past each other Nick.

I of course know about server-side transfers.
But I think Google's website actually does this stuff by just adjusting the permissions on the files rather than actually transferring them anywhere - and thus not affecting quota at all.

Or are you saying that a successful server-side move across accounts (via rclone) should not use quota?
As I usually use sync and copy most in my day-to-day I suppose this isn't something I have really tested - but it sure would be interesting to know... if that is indeed what you mean.

Thats exactly what the server-side moves in rclone do too. They don't actually move anything, just change the parent folders/drives in the API call.

Very very interesting indeed. Thank you for that clarification. I will need to run a test just to confirm it with my own eyes, but if so that is really useful information to know about. You continue to be a great source of insights Darth - thank you! :smiley:

In case you are interested in the source:

I definitely am.
Thank you again! :smiley:

I really need to pick up go so I can parse the code with greater ease and accuracy. It's definitely on my to-do list.

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