Move from remote01:folder1 to remote01:folder2


A quick question....
I want to move my sorted media files on my remote to another folder on the same remote. Will i be limited to the API and size limit that google has or will this not be counted?
This is the command im running:

rclone move --ignore-existing -v -p 'gdrive:media/unsorted/ok' gdrive:media/tv/tv --drive-server-side-across-configs --delete-empty-src-dirs --drive-use-trash=false

You can move it on a mount.
You can use that move command as well as it should all happen server side.

You don't need that if you are on the same remote. That's for moving between different remotes.

Thank you. So this will not be limited by googles limitations?

You aren't copying anything as it's just moving so it should not.

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