Move files from Google Service Accounts into main account

I know I'm not following the template, but I guess it does not fit for my request.

So I played arround with Service Accounts and made the mistake to think that uploading into a shared folder, would not touch the quota of the service accounts.
I used a script to create 100 of them, and, you guessed right, all of them are now full of files (encrypted), instead of uploading into the shared folder only.

Now the question is: how can I make sure that all files that have been uploaded into the Service Account, stay inside the shared folder and I'm able to delete them from the service accounts drive?

Also, how can I continue with this project? Do I need to setup a teamdrive? How do I even do that? Do I have to move all my files from my personal to my teamdrive? Whats the goto method here...

Help would be very much appreciated...

Best Regards

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