Move files between remote and encrypt remote (on same Google Drive)

Hey folks,

So I jumped the gun and uploaded a 1.5TB backup to my GSuite Google Drive remote. I’ve since then created an encrypt remote and I would prefer that the backup is stored there. Both are on the same Google Drive account. What’s the best way to achieve this?

  • Do I use move or moveto in order to facilitate this?
    - I’m having a hard time grasping the difference between the two, can you please explain?

  • Will this move affect the 750GB per-day limitation?

  • Will it take several days to move the files, as the initial copy did?
    - Are the files being transferred to my system, then re-uploaded?
    - Or just moved within Google Drive itself?

Thanks in advance!

You’d create a folder to hold the encrypted content on gdrive. You’d create a new crypt remote referencing that directory (and excluding the directory you created). And then you’d essentially sync from your gdrive to the crypt. It’ll be downloading and uploading that data. Then you’d delete the old data.

Rclone sync gdrive: crypt: --exclude=cryptdir

Yes you’ll be restricted to the 750. It’ll take your two days.

Yes. It’ll download and upload. You could create a Google compute server and do the sync. You don’t get charged for data going to and from Google’s servers like gdrive. It’ll be cheap and fast. Or you can obviously use your regular connectionb on your PC.

Alrighty then. I’ll simply re-do the transfer from the original source but to the crypt remote this time.

Could you perhaps explain to me the difference between move and moveto? I’m still curious about that.

Thanks for your reply!

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