Move between shared drives of Google Drive

Let's assume we have an admin account which is account-A.

We have another accounts account-1 and account-2. account-1 and account-2 shared their each shared drive with account-A with write, read, change settings rights.

As account-A user, i want to move files from account-1 shared drive to account-2 shared drive by using --drive-server-side-across-configs. but i do not know how or it is possible .

normally basic move command is like below. (acc-2 already shared its drive with acc-2)

rclone move account-1: account-2:

but i want to move files as admin account (account-A) from acc-1 to acc-2. (acc-1 and acc-2 already shared their drives with acc-A)

so, it is possible to move files from acc-1 to acc-2 as acc-A?

I hope i could explain what i want.


What is your rclone version?
What's your rclone.conf look like with the secrets / keys removed?

What do you mean by admin account? How are you setting up the accounts / permissions on the shared drive?

In general, rclone can move from any cloud remote to another cloud remote or local as that's what it is built for.

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