Move and delete files added after running move command

I'm downloading several files to an "X" folder, and I need rclone to move to the "Y" folder that is in the cloud!
I'm using the move command, and the problem is working and I need it to do this with all the files that are added and not just with the files that were in the X folder at the time the command was executed!

I need to download and upload 10TB, so I need him to delete and add any files that are added!

command used:
rclone move C:\FILMES S3:filmes.01/FILMES --delete-empty-src-dirs --progress

Not sure there's any magic here.

You'd just run the move command again. If a file appeared at some point, there's not much to do that capture it later on the next run.

i created a bat file to run it every time i close but i have no idea how to do that

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