Mounting multiple directories from remote

What are the best practices when mounting multiple multiple directories for read and write from the same remote?
Should I create an alias for each of them or mount them directly with remote:path/to/dir?
Do they each need separate vfs cache folder?
Should I create four separate "rclone mount" processes or just start "rclone rcd" and create the mounts with rc commands?

I'd just mount the level above it rather than doing multiple mounts.

Depending on what you need, you could union them together or make aliases, it really depends on what the end state needs to look like. I use mergerfs to merger a /local and /rclone mount .

If you have separate mounts, they each have their own cache folder.

I rather have 4 systemd service but that's me. I know some folks like to manage via rcd though too.

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