Mounting an encrypted remote would encrypt files copied to it?

I'm new to rclone and I have just set up my GDrive remote and one crypt, now I'm wondering if I mount the crypt remote and I copy files to it would them be uploaded encrypted? In which case here comes another question, can I mount said encrypted remote and then use another software like FreeFileSync to sync files into it? Would I need enormous amount of RAM or something? Because I'm guessing rclone needs to cache the data in order for the computer to know the timestamps, filesizes and filenames, right?

I don't know how any of this works but I suppose that as long as I don't configure the third party software to compare the files with their hashes or contents and only use the file size and timestamps it will work well as it will not need to download the files to hash them?

Sorry if these are dumb questions.

hello and welcome to the forum,

if you mount, the files will remain encrypted on gdrive.

you could use freefilesync on the mount. most any utility will run but it might not perform well or make sense.

you could have third party software compare content using hashes, file sizes and/or timestamps.
but rclone mount would need to download the files to hash them.
rclone not use much ram, depends on the mount command.

Thanks for the info! I was asking because although rclone does works perfectly to sync files I haven't found any way to schedule the syncs without using Windows' Task Scheduler (I'm using Windows 10) which would make queuing the task complicated. Thankfully I've just found Rclone Browser beta which implements the scheduler and queue so I think I will stick with it. I guess with Linux is easier to set up the scripts?

i use task scheduler with rclone every day, works well.

not sure what you mean about queuing the task?

about rclonebrowser, make sure to use this version
did not know it has a scheduler, are you sure, can you share where that is documented?

Oh, I mean that I will need to have one task for each drive I have, those task needs to be ran in order so it needs to follow a queue. Here is the beta version I'm using that has queue and scheduler:

i use rclone for backups and sync important data so i use batch files and task scheduler.

imho, i never run/trust beta software with known bugs when there are other solutions.

but if you do use the beta, let me know if it works reliably.

Thanks, I will report back, hopefull nothing wrong happens.

I have one more question, as I'm encrypting my files, does rclone needs the same amount of disk/RAM space that the file size of the file that is being currently encrypted? So if I have a 50GB file, does rclone needs that amount of space in the working drive or RAM?

you do not need 50GB ram to encrypt a 50GB file.
rclone uses very little ram and cpu and no hard drive space.

for a given file, rclone will process the file a chunk at at time.
rclone encrypts a chunk, uploads the crypted chunk, processes the next chunk, until the end of the file.

Thanks, that is what I also understood from the documentation but I wanted to be completely sure.

sure, glad help,

give it a try and let us know if you have any questions

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