Mount on boot on Android 12

Hello and thanks for this great application.

After a day, I finally got rclone working on my Orange Pi 5 Plus running Orange Pi OS (Droid) and it's connecting to my SMB server on my Raspberrypi 4 on my network. I can see and browse the files without issues. However I couldn't find any way to make this mount occur during boot.

I created this script:


export PATH="/data/data/com.termux/files/usr/bin:$PATH"

rclone -vv mount rpi4:/raspberrypidocker/shared /data/media/0/rpi4 --allow-other --config="/sdcard/.rclone/rclone.conf" --daemon

And that's pretty much what I do from the command line through Termux to make it mount but I couldn't find any way for this to run automatically. It looks like running the script from the command line as non-root, results in permission denied even when running it using su -c.

I do use Magisk but I use the rclone from Termux repos which is version 1.64.2. I have tried running scripts through Magisk and they seem to execute without errors but still it seems the mount is not active and the directory is empty.

I tried to find logs to paste here but I couldn't find any errors anywhere although running rclone with the -vv command.

Any ideas or workarounds to this?

Thanks in advance.

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