Mount local folder, over already mounted remote folder (best approach)

Please tell me if it's possible to mount LOCAL folder, over already mounted REMOTE folder?

I would like to achieve something like below folder structure:

-remote: /mnt/dropbox/
-remote: /mnt/dropbox/program/
-local: /mnt/dropbox/program/temp/

Thank you!

You can use a bind mount to mount local folders - I think (but not 100% sure) that this will work when mounting over a FUSE mount.

Mount over top of of another mount is generally a very bad idea as you are hiding things.

Depending on your order of operations, if something writes to /

before the process happens, it gets hidden.

I'd ask a bit differently as to why / what problem you are trying to solve by doing the above.

I would like to host main Storj node files on remote storage, but i would still like to use a few local folders for database - just because software doesn't crash that way.

To be fully clear i would like setup more than 100x Storj nodes, but i would use my remote 500TB NAS storage for hosting final packages in specific sub-folders. But all other folders with database, etc. would be on local machine for stability and for preventing file corruption.

My rented servers are located in different datacenters but final remote storage should be the same. I think this is not the best approach, but it's a very cost efficient solution for me to fill-up my free space with Storj project and use IPv4 + network traffic speeds from my currently running servers.

I would like achieve files and directories structured like below:



I noticed that Storj node software allows me to change /storage/ directory inside config file if that maybe would help with my final mount to be better. Biggest problem for me is right now that are database files located in /storage/ folder and it was corrupted in past because it was hosted directly on remote storage.

Biggest "paying" files are daily uploaded inside /blobs/ folder so in last case scenario (not the best) i would mount only this folder as remote storage and folder /trash/.

I think that would be easiest way to achieve above with some little weird rclone configuration because i really don't want to hard-code modify Storj node software to work differently (mostly because of regular updates).

Thank you for helping me.
Rclone solved many my problems in past and it's always my #1 choice :slightly_smiling_face:

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