Mount Ignoring Duplicate Folders in Computers Folder

I’m using Google Drive Backup & Sync on my workstation to backup a lot of folders for some pro applications (Logic Pro, Ableton, etc), so my Google Drive Computers folder correctly contains multiple folders with the same name. One will be located in the Users folder, and another in the System folder, but they will have the same name.

I am successful when I attempt to mount my ‘Computers-WorkStation:’ folder on my server; however, only one of the duplicate folders will show in the mount. The duplicate folders also do not sync, copy, or otherwise download.

Code: rclone mount ‘Computers-WorkStation:’ ‘/Volumes/P/P’ --allow-non-empty

During some uploads, I was able to see my Computers folder in my Google File Stream (this would be ideal).

Is it possible to either:

  1. Display all duplicates in the mount
  2. Display the Computers folder in the regular File Stream app?

I’m using all Macs, running High Sierra.

File systems can’t deal with duplicate names in the same directory.

You can use rclone dedupe to fix them.

Though that sounds like they are in different directories which should be fine.

That wouldn’t be too hard. They would have to have different names.

Not sure I understand this one?

My Mac is using the Backup and Sync app to reach into the Application Support folders, and a bunch of other places, and sync around 90 directories. In Google Drive, under the Computers section is this workstation’s folder, and it contains all of these directories, including duplicates. There will correctly be two of several folders: two Audio Damage, two Logic, two GarageBand, etc.

In File Stream and Backup and Sync, when there are duplicates, there is a “(1)” placed beside them in the file system on my Mac, but not on the web interface. Is there any way to get RClone to perform this way, and either display everything in a mount, or download in a copy?

I cannot change the names of these folders, because it will change their names in my workstation’s file system and break the applications.

During large downloads by Backup and Sync, I am able to see my Computers folder in the Google File Stream “volume.” If anyone knows how to make this a permanent state, this would also solve my issue.

I see - thanks for explaining.

It would be possible for rclone to show the duplicates. I’d probably put the file/directory ID after the name to make sure it is unique rather than (1) which is more difficult to ensure that the directory remains the same directory.

If you like that idea then please make a new issue on github - put a link to this thread in the forum too please - thanks!

I love this idea. Yes.

It came to me later, that the immediate work-around is to create a remote for each Computer Folder/Computer/Directory that I would like to touch with my server. The downside is a large amount of plumbing to maintain.

Can you please make a new issue on github and we can look at it :slight_smile: