Mount: How run options are passed?


I didn't find info about which layer implements the options like --vfs-cache* ... that are passed to mount, if you run in a layered crypt > cache > remote (B2/S3) mode.

The question is:
which layer actually uses the "--vfs-cache" etc.. options, if you mount the crypt wrapping layer which wraps the cache, which in turn connects to the main remote gateway layer.

is this nooby question?

Normally, you make a remote, make a crypt remote which references the first one you made and you mount the encrypted remote.

My example:

[felix@gemini rclone]$ cat rclone.conf
type = drive
client_id = clientid
client_secret = secret
token = sometoken

type = crypt
remote = GD:media
filename_encryption = standard
password = password
password2 = password
directory_name_encryption = true

and I mount the encrypted remote.

[felix@gemini rclone]$ ps -ef | grep rclone
felix      783     1  1 Jun28 ?        01:48:58 /usr/bin/rclone mount gcrypt: /GD --allow-other --buffer-size 1G --dir-cache-time 96h --log-level INFO --log-file /opt/rclone/logs/rclone.log --timeout 1h --umask 002


But if you mount the crypt, which remote actually uses the option "--vfs-cache" for example ? The crypt, which you mount or the remote it self (GD in your case) which is mounted/wrapped by the crypt?

All the default mount options are listed here:

If you run a mount command, whichever remote you mount is used so in my case, I used gcrypt so it mounted that remote.

I could mount GD directly if I wanted to.

Is there a particular use case you are trying to solve ?

Sorry but again this does not answer my plain question.

Which remote accepts --options passed to the mount command?? The crypt or the b2 remote itself?

My scenario is:
3 remotes:
b2 (Backblaze)
cache (configured to mount remote "Backblaze")
crypt (configured to mount remote "Cache")

I mount the Crypt with rclone mount crypt: /mnt/b2 --allow-other --allow-non-empty.........

But would like also to use recommended options for Backblaze like: "--fast-list" and additional "--vfs-cache-mode writes"

I did answer your plain question as it is whatever remote you mount. You can pass any options to the mount. You mount remotes. In your config, you can point a crypt to any remote regardless if it's B2 or Google Drive. If you have a specific parameter, you can use it on the mount command.

fast-list doesn't work on a mount.

If you want to use --vfs-cache-mode writes as that's a generic one, just pass it on the mount.

allow-non-emtpy is an awful parameter as I'd never use that as it allows hiding things and over mounts.

Please, say yes or no.
Do options like "--vfs-cache-mode writes" for rclone mount command are used by the crypt remote or by the backblaze remote, if mounted in crypt >> cache >> backblaze scenario.

In other words if I mount the crypt remote, does it performs the vfs caching, or it passes this option further to the cache remote, which passes it to the backblaze remote?
Thank you.

Please avoid answering if you don't know.

Whatever you mount is doing the "caching". If you run a mount command such as:

rclone mount cryptremote: /Test --vfs-cache-mode-writes

That is doing the vfs-cache-mode writes. The caching is mount relevant and not relevant to the remote as you are telling the /Test mount to cache. It doesn't matter what the remote is.

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Ok got it.


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