Mount Google drive as two drives

I have a completely random question. Is it possible to mount two separate folders from google drive.

My thought process is this. I watch a combination of 4k content and old 480P content. To help the 4k Content stream well i have to keep a fairly large buffer. So that in turn slows down the loading of the content. It takes a little bit for the buffer to fill. For older content i don't really need to do that. I keep all my 4k content in a separate library on plex. I can provide more detailed info on my setup. I'm just curious if this is even possible.

Yeah, just mount remote:4kMovies /4k

You can mount as far as you want down by adding that to mount command.

thank you so much. Basically i want to see if i can mount the two with two different sets of attributes. So i can mount the lesser content with a smaller buffer.

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