Mount command for rclone with plex?

Hi. I am attempting to use rclone with google drive and plex. I’ve mounted using this command

rclone mount --allow-other share: ~/path/to/mount/

Once plex is scanning the mount, it hits the a limit and gives me 403 error. Then I cannot resume scanning for 24 hours. There used to be a command/flag to use while mounting which would cause plex to scan slower, but completely finish without the 403 error.

Is this still the case? If so, can you tell me what I should tweak in my mount command to fix this?

just use the settings from
and tweak plex from

You didn't use the help template so I'd guess you have an old version.

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I am using my old config from years ago but i believe i have a new version

What I was looking for. Thank you.


If you hit the template, you'd have all the stuff that is needed to give you a good answer rather than just guessing.

your welceome, hopefully, we will not have to wait another three years for you to visit again.

the latest rclone is v1.55.1

really all i did was post @Animosity022 weblinks.

Turns out I am not up to date. I have v1.36. If I update, will I be able to use my old config with client id, token etc? Or will I have to start over?

i have no idea!
never heard of anybody using a version that old.
let's us know what happens.

Oh wow. I better update

That version would cause a quick ban as it downloads full files each time.

Updated. Working great with my same old config and new mount recommendations. Thanks guys :slight_smile:

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