Most painless way to switch from Plexdrive to Rclone Cache?

Anyone have any tips for the most painless way to switch, with minimal rescanning?

If you already have metadata downloaded why not just mount rclone cache to the same folder you mount plexdrive to now? the paths should stay the same and plex won’t even notice that there’s a difference.

That’s how I did it. Just mounted rclone cache to the same directory. No rescan necessary.

That makes sense! How is the rclone cache working? As good as plexdrive?

Working good for me. Biggest issue is that there is a delay before rclone cache sees new files. The advantage for me is you have an actual read/write filesystem which I like because it means I can use the subtitle download stuff built into plex to handle looking for subtitles since sonarr/radarr don’t really do subtitles.

Yeah the delay for me is a smaller concern than being able to delete files in plex or add subtitles directly.
Once API driven cache eviction happens it’ll be practically perfect.