Monitoring rclone


I wounder if there are any great tools out there for monitoring rclone? Im not sure if know myself how this should be done. But thinking of monitoring local cache vfs cloud storage and so on.

Found this but does not look like its being maintained any more.

What did you want to monitor? Transfer of jobs? Or something else?

Rclone has an API for external tools to plug in to. It support Prometheus out of the box.

I'm not quite sure what I want to monitor, but transfers and jobs are a good start. Would like to know if there is a system or error that you can be notified of this in a sensible way.

Surprising that it has api I did not know.

Is there a place I can read about Prometheus and rclone?
Or do I have to install prometheus and test?

I think that if you have integrated this here, you have probably thought of most things that make sense to monitor.

You can enable prometheus metrics via --rc-enable-metrics

The metrics that will be exported are the same ones that are shown by the core/stats rc command:

You can browse the same link for all the rc related documentation

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