Monitoring Rclone in Libreelec

I managed to install Rclone in LibreElec. Everything work well. I am using command:
/storage/bin/rclone sync -P -v mydropbox:/mypictures /storage/pictures

I am using putty to run the command and with -P I can see the progress.

I want to integrate the command in so it sync at every boot.

I managed to make it work in but since I have a large picture library, I would like to know if there is a way to see the progress of a runnnig rclone action by logging in with putty and just monitor without restarting the sync command ?
Great software.

You can use --log-file then tail the log - this would be the tradidional unix approach.

You can also use --rc then use the rc interface to read stats out of rclone, eg core/stats

Finally there are various web UIs you can plug into --rc to give you a prettier view.

Thanks, I finally made it works using:
/storage/bin/rclone sync --log-file /storage/downloads/log-file.txt -vv mydropbox:/mypictures /storage/pictures
I see the log file populating so I know when it is completed.

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