Monitoring of rclone redux

hello all, just wanted thoughts/input on how you may be monitoring rclone

I am about to set up a process where a lot of individual file transfers will trigger rclone, essentially right now it’s boiling down to

running rclone with --stats-one-line --stats 1s -log-file some logfile

cat logfile | grep ETA | tail -1 | sed “do some cleanup so it doesn’t look like a log file” >> status-page-per-user.txt -> clean up for HTML

and seperatly running an rclone check to generate of file(s) not at the destination

any thoughts or improvements appreciated

You should check the exit status of the rclone - that will give you an idea as to whether the sync was successful or not.

Note that you can control the log format somewhat with

  --log-format string        Comma separated list of log format options (default "date,time")

Which might make your parsing easier