Monitor Google API Usage

is there software to monitor google api usage and quota? it's very hard to figure out where i am on my daily limit(s)

You pretty much can't hit your API limits on a daily basis (not sure how much you'd have to do for that).

Google does not provide any method to watch your upload or download quota that I am aware of. I've seen many folks ask, but yet to see a way to do that other than hitting the limit and watching it die (on the upload part).

i got daily quota exceeded when doing a fresh emby install and scan of my library.
i dont know the daily limit for drive.files.get or drive.files.list

Those are API hits and those are governed by the quotas. Easy to see and they normally show up by 403 rate limiting errors if you request too much.

If you got download daily quota exceeded, that means you hit 10TB for a 24 hour period or something with a particular file hit too many times. It's a bit hard to tell as they don't publish it.

You can also ask support why you hit the message and they can tell you the exact reason.

So the summary is API quotas are different from daily download / upload quotas. You can see the first, but not see the second.

where can i find out where i am with the 10tb limit for the day?

You can't as Google does not publish your upload or download statistics.

this is nuts. i have no way of finding out if emby is somehow going to make me hit my limit.
i cant fathom how an initial scan can download 10tbs.
i hope it was just the initial scan and this wont happen again

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