Modify supported on some folders but not others - Amazon Drive


First of all thank you to the dev(s) for such an outstanding piece of software :smile:

I have an odd problem though with uploading to Amazon Drive

rclone -vv copy /home/roon remote:Roon backs up the contents of /roon as expected

but if I run the command again I get

amazon drive root 'Roon': Modify window not supported

rclone -vv copy /home/NKL remote:Music again backs up /NKL as expected

but when I repeat that command, rclone behaves as I expect and uploads only new content

The question I have is why does Amazon/rclone treat one folder as modifiable, the other not?

In each case the folders did not exist on Amazon before I ran the rclone command for the first time


Many thanks for any help


This message is just a debug message - you can ignore it. Run with -v instead to see logs instead of debugs.

OK got it

All sorted

Many thanks