Missing GSuite folder

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I have Gsuite mapped to a drive in Windows with rclone/crypt. Great setup. Yesterday I noticed an entire folder missing. I went to watch the show in PLEX and it wasn't there, looked in the drive through Windows and it's not there. Looked in Sonarr to check, and it's not seeing it either.

Question: Anyone with the same setup know how to look in Gsuite to see? There's nothing to recover in Gsuite, as it wasn't deleted via Google Drive, and from what I can see the API access from rclone does not register any deletions. Not a problem with rclone, just hoping someone has an idea where to look, or additional tools/logs in Gsuite I haven't see.


When rclone deletes it would go in the Google trash unless you've disabled that.

You can use

Rclone encode/decode to workout what the crypted filename and path would be so you can check in the gui.

Rclone encode crypt: /path/to/file

Thanks i'll try that...something is not quite right, not sure where though. I looked in the Google Drive trash, and nope the files are not there, but there are recent deletions that I did make through the mapped drive in Windows.

Maybe my rclone setup has something to do with what I'm seeing/not seeing...lemme explain. I have rclone running on Ubuntu, this machine has my Sonarr/Radarr and grabs content and moves it off the server to G-Suite. I also have the same rclone config file running on a Windows 10 machine and can access the files through mounted drive X:.

I copied the missing files back from the Linux machine to G-Suite, rclone crypted them as usual. I can see them in Linux at the new location, and in Windows. With Sonarr running on the Linux machine I had it organize and rename the files back to their Season folders. This look good in Sonarr, I can see the folder/file structure in Linux, however, on the Windows machine it is not seeing the Sonarr created folder structure, only the individual files. I have restarted the service to dismount/mount, but still the same view with no folders.

any ideas?

Are you using the same crypt config on both?

I believe so, I copied the rclone file from Linux and dropped it into the same folder as rclone.exe on the Windows system. I can recopy just to be sure.

Rclone config file

That will show which one it is using. Verify it. And then produce a debug log if they are the same.

They are the same .conf file. I generated a debug log. Looking to see where to paste the text...here or using preformatted text?

You can use pastebin or a service. Or share via Google drive. Or here you can use 3 back ticks before and after depending on how big it is of course.

I used NSSM to setup a service to mount X:

Debug Logs


I don't see anything that stands out. One comment would be so you really need cache? You could try to reset the cache database but I doubt you need the cache backend at all.

Not sure if I need the cache or not, was really just following the guide by Animosity and it has been fine. On the Windows system, how can I clear out the cache, I think this would resolve it, i.e., force a fresh directory listing

@Animosity022 doesn't use cache for a couple years now. I don't either. You can likely remove it and get better performance.

--cache-db-purge clears the DB.

umm... rclone.exe --cache-db-purge doesn't work, what did I miss here?

You need to run a command.. stop the mount and then run something like this.

rclone --cache-db-purge lsd cacheremote:something

Or just add it to your mount..

Added this to the mount, now the folder has 4 files, that's good, but the folders are not seen, hehe. There are folders Season 1 through Season 12 and it's just not seeing them.

I haven't used the cache for years as mentioned.

It would be best to try without rather than trying to troubleshoot the cache backend.

Just so I don't screw this up. When I run rclone config i have gcache, gcrypt, gdrive. The gcache is the one I need to delete as it's not needed.

Without seeing a config, I wouldn't want to guess based on the names.

Normally, you have a drive remote pointing to your google drive.

GD as an example.

You'd have a crypt remote point to GD:crypt folder in your main Drive.

CRYPT as an example.

You'd mount CRYPT: and use that.

Sorry...getting wrapped around the axle here, it's just not working. Please take a look at what I have below.

The rclone config file i'm using I copied from my Linux server and am using on my Windows 10 machine.

gdrive is what points to Gsuite, and gcrypt is the one that points to the folder "crypt" on Gsuite:

Using rclone browser I can see all three, gcache,gcrypt,gdrive, and can browse directories and see files and folders, but still cannot see all the files and folders that the Linux install can. When I delete gcache I cannot see any files or folders in rclone browser. Clearly I have something screwed up somewhere.

type = cache
remote = gdrive:/data
plex_username = plex
plex_password = *** ENCRYPTED ***
chunk_size = 10M
info_age = 2d
chunk_total_size = 10G

type = crypt
remote = gcache:/crypt
filename_encryption = standard
directory_name_encryption = true
password = *** ENCRYPTED ***
password2 = *** ENCRYPTED ***

type = drive
client_id = redacted
client_secret = redacted
scope = drive
token = {"access_token":redacted

Change gcache to point to gdrive.