Minimize duplicate uploads when transferring using two VPS

Is there any way to minimize duplicate uploads of the same files when I use two VPS to transfer from A to B?

Yes, as VPS1 makes a copy of the file A:test/ B:test/, VPS2 server did the test6+ transfer.

Is it a problem you are trying to solve or just sharing ideas?

I have a problem that two VPS are trying to copy from A to B the same file. With VPS1 copying it before VPS2 started copying the same file

For example, I have files of 5GB each.

rclone ls A: 5GB 5GB 5GB
(...) 5GB

On VPS1 run the script:

rclone copy A: B: --order-by-name, asc

On VPS2 run the script:

rclone copy A: B: --order-by name, desc

Problem: How to force VPS2 not to copy files that VPS1 copied ???

OK I use filters for cases like this but your approach is fine too.

create file filter.txt with this content:

+ /Dir/[a-b]**/**
+ /Dir/[A-B]**/**
+ /Dir/[0-2]**/**
- **

This will copy all folders from Dir starting with AaBb012


rclone copy source: destination: --filter-from filter.txt

You can modify filter to suit your needs.

try with-vv -dry-run before you run for real

So on one machine you can copy everything starting from A to L and on other one from K to Z for example.

You do not have to worry about any overlap. If file1 is already copied than other copy simply will skip it.

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