--min-age not working as intended?

I’m trying to set up so that rclone only uploads files older than X days but it seems it will also upload files downloaded the same day? I downloaded a single movie earlier this morning and tonight I was testing the --min-age 30d option and it uploaded only that file since all my other file are less than 30 days old. Does it get confused that the file is less than a day old? Should I just set up by hours?(720h) I’m using gdrive btw

I think this may happen because Linux ISOs when downloaded keeps the same modification date as when it was uploaded to websites ( :wink: ).

I’m looking into how to change the last modification date

I doubt it because sonarr and radarr both rename the files. Wouldn’t that change the date?

When I do ls -al I see files as listed from 2013 even though I just downloaded them and Sonarr has renamed them - so I guess not.

You’re right. Looks like I fixed it on radarr by adding a custom script containing this.

/usr/bin/touch -am "$radarr_moviefile_path"


Working on sonarr now.

Aye you beat me to it. looking forward to both scripts


/usr/bin/touch -am "$sonarr_episodefile_path"


That was a lot easier to fix than I thought. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.