--min-age copying same files again and again?


So I have set up a daily job to take files older than 8 weeks and upload them to acd. I checked over the logs today, and for some reason, it is ignoring the fact the files are already on acd, and re-uploading them. Eventually, I will be deleting the files on the drive after uploading, but is there an argument I am missing to stop this?

Here is what I have:

/usr/local/bin/rclone copy --min-age 8w /home27/plex/files/media/movies/ acd:Entertainment\ Backup/Movies/ >> /home27/plex/logs/rclonemoviebackup

Do I need to add --ignore-existing?

This sounds like the same problem being discussed here: Copy and --delete-excluded issues

The underlying problem is that ACD doesn’t support modtimes - see above for the details and ideas for a work-around.