--min-age and --max-age support for atime and ctime

I’d really like to see support for ctime and atime. Currently --min-age appears to only support mtime, and in some cases ctime, might be better to use than mtime.


I made a change to support ctime and also extraction of MD from the sources: e.g. system MD from local, potentially xattr (not done yet but easy).

@ncw What do you think ?

I’d say that not many (any) cloud remotes support ctime/atime so I’m not sold on the idea that they need to be synced. I don’t think you can write atime’s at all to local disk so they can’t be synced to the local backend.

To read them I’d make an Optional interface AccessTime & ChangeTime and only implement that on the local remote…

Other than syncing it what could you do with mtime and atime? You can write ctimes though.

I see the metadata thing a separate discussion probably.

Perhaps to solve this particular issue, a flag like --local-times mtime/ctime/atime might be best so the local backend reads just the time specified as the modtime.