Migrating from unencrypted backup to crypt

Hello all! Finally getting around to encrypting my data on gdrive. Had a few questions to help make this as pain free as possible:

  1. Can anyone recommend any alternative platform tools to view encrypted remotes?
  • For example, I often pull up the files directly on gdrive (as i only need viewing access, I dont modify the files or folders). If I encrypt, I'd like to have a backup method of viewing the files from Google Drive if my server is down (currently, I have a web server I can use to view files, but this of course requires 100% uptime and stable internet).
  1. What is the best way to go about encrypting the old data and then use encryption by default
  • Here's my current setup:
    • Local storage
    • Unencrypted GDrive mounted to a local folder
    • MergerFS to overlay the two
    • Nightly rclone move script to upload to Gdrive and remove from local storage
  • I followed instructions on creating a crypt but after doing an rclone ls evault command, I got the following errors:
2019/11/04 11:56:10 ERROR : : error listing: directory not found
2019/11/04 11:56:10 Failed to ls with 2 errors: last error was: directory not found
  • I was hoping I could do a server-side encrypt, but that seems impossible, so it seems I have to re-upload all of my data as encrypted data. If that's true, how do I do this?

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