Migrate from Cache to VFS cache

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I have a simple enough task I think but even though I read the docs Im still a bit confused about VFS cache. I read that "rclone cache" is not being maintained any more and will be deprecated in favour of VFS cache but I cant figure out how to get it working. How can I update my mount below to move away from "rclone cache" to VFS cache but still retain the functionality of the current one? My confusion is mostly around whether the VFS cache goes in the rclone.conf file or the mount file and how to set the correct flags to mimic the current setup.


type = cache
remote = Cloud:
plex_url =
chunk_total_size = 200G
info_age = 6h
chunk_size = 20M

Mount using systemd...

Description=rclone mount



You just use your regular remote as the cache remote isn't used / needed / supported and you add the flags to your mount command pointing to your regular remote.

Thanks. Looking at my config above would would be able to give me the equivalent VFS mount command?

I use this:

It has documentation on what each line does and why I use it.

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Thanks very much, appreciate the help. I'll try that. I'm using Box.com so assuming a lot of those commands will not work but the cache part is all Im looking for.

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