Microsoft Teams Data Sync

Does rclone support syncing sharepoint sites stored on Microsoft Teams? Kindly guide how to accomplish sucha sync if possible.

Team link

As far as I know it does. You should need able to use the OneDrive backend to point to the SharePoint server.

Give it a go and see if it works :slightly_smiling_face:

I can easily sync onedrive through rclone even the business one but there is no guide avaialble how to connect it to the team.

I am in Ubuntu(not in Windows).

I think what you want to do is run rclone config - make sure you authenticate with the correct user (the one that can access the sharepoint).

Then when you get to this question

Choose a number from below, or type in an existing value
 1 / OneDrive Personal or Business
   \ "onedrive"
 2 / Sharepoint site
   \ "sharepoint"
 3 / Type in driveID
   \ "driveid"
 4 / Type in SiteID
   \ "siteid"
 5 / Search a Sharepoint site
   \ "search"

Choose option 2 sharepoint.

Selecting option 2 gives me sharepoint libraries associated with onedrive only.
MS teams is a separate component of office under the same email address as onedrive but entirely different. Thus it needs another method to be accessed.

I have tried webdav and http but they failed in one way or the other to access the following link

Did you try searching Microsoft graph for it? (The search option?)

If you can find the site id and drive id you can put them in manually.

Sorry I can't be more helpful, I haven't got access to teams.

On windows Team's sharepoint sync to Onedtive via a special "Sync" button provided on Sharepoint's sites, which clearly cannot be replicated on Ubuntu which lacks a proper Onedrive gui.

I will contact the team forum to discover the site ID.
Will it work under "webdav" or "http connect"t?

I don't know, I'm afraid, you'll have to give it a go.