Microsoft OneDrive for Business


there are any news for support the service OneDrive for Business?


There is an issue about this. It is one of those things that looks really simple to do, but Microsoft really made the whole registering apps for onedrive for business complicated.

I really need someone embedded in the windows world to do it as there are just too many unfamiliary things that need doing. The actual code changes I expect to be minimal!

is there any update on this feature? looking for away to back my business onedrive.

I’m still looking for help with this

Hi There,

I would also be very interested in this feature. Looking for a long time to use OD4B without using horrible OneDrive app. I’m wondering if you could get some ideas from this project:

Their goal is different but I have successfully used the Duplicati.CommandLine.BackendTool to upload an unencrypted file to my OD4B account using my credentials as a command line argument.

Could that be useful to you?

Sorry, I’m no programmer by any stretch so excuse me if this is not helpful at all.


I just wanted to ring in and say that I would be very interested in this feature.

Yes, this would be useful for me too. I am ‘embedded in the windows world’ but, unfortunately, I don’t know squat about programming; I would be happy to help with testing, though - please don’t hesitate to contact me if this is needed.

I’m also eager to see this integration. Can you explain a little further what exactly you need help with?

Also, I can provide you a test account indefinitely if needed.

Is there any way to pass the oauth2 access key and perform the backup ? This way at least some users will be able to use rclone with OD4B. Any guidance how to achieve this ?

I’m newbie and just started look into this app yesterday, so please bear with my basic question if it is already answered somewhere then please point me the same.

interested to know as well as I have a S4B account I’d like to start using for backups. Would be happy to use some kind of work around until the oauth ‘rclone config’ setup is working correctly if this is at all possible.

Onedrive for business is in progress - I expect that we will issue the first beta with it in quite soon.

Follow this issue for updates.

It is going to need lots of testing!

Thanks for the update. we are happy to participate in testing the functionality and identify the issues. Will follow the issue given above.