Microsoft Azure Blob Storage

I’m using rclone for a while now using darwin/amd64 and freebsd/amd64 architecture to Sync on Microsoft Azure Blob Storage (I was using rclone version 1.42). Looks like for at least the two last version of rclone running on freebsd, the Microsoft Azure Blob Storage option was removed. (It is still available on the darwin version) Is this a Bug or the destination is just no longer available on the freebsd platform ?

Thanks for helping

This is because the go sdk bwouldn’t compile with the *bsd from microsoft so I had to remove support for it from rclone.

However it looks like the azure team have fixed the SDK now, so here is a beta for you to try which should support freebsd+azure :smiley: (uploaded in 15-30 mins)

Hi Nick

I did not test all the available options… but so far so good… thanks