Merge two storagies into one

Hello dear rclone users,
I'm totally newbie with rclone.
For example I have one YandexDisk storage (capacity 150GB) and second YandexDisk storage (capacity 100GB).
It is possible to merge (combine) two storages into one single with 250GB capacity?
Maybe usign WebDav protocol... maybe connect two disks and merge to third disk using rclone?
It is possible solve my question?
I work on Windows 10.

rclone has built-in support for Yandesk Disk. You can merge the two storages (remotes) using the union backend. For the time being, it's only possible to write to one of the remotes in a union backend.

Only the last remote is used to write to and delete from, all other remotes are read-only

There is an open issue for the possibility to write to all the combined remotes in a union backend.

There is a pull request which gives this functionality in progress now too!

you can use rclone to move the files from one remote into the other remote?
then you would have one remote with 250GB

i think that with yandex, you can do a server-side-move, which means that rclone would not have to download the files to your local computer and then copy them to the other remote.