Memory Usage Limit

I have set transfers to 25 and buffer-size to 128M but rclone is using more then 3200mb (25*128) why is this?

v1.50.2 (not on the newest because the share server host said their is a "significant issue with iowait"
Linux 64 bit
google drive

It's per file:

 --buffer-size SizeSuffix               In memory buffer size when reading files for each --transfer. (default 16M)

There is also overhead for listing directories and keeping that sort of stuff in memory.

but i have it set to 25 transfers "The number of file transfers to run in parallel." so the max files that can be transferred in parallel is 25. so 25* 128=3200 why am i seeing ram for rclone at 4-7gb?

You'd have to share what you are seeing to help out.

Most likely, it's just GO taking it's time to clean up as you didn't share what you are running command wise or any log so it's a bit of a guessing game.

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