Maximum number of clients able to mount to OneDrive


We have a few hundred linux servers, each located in a different office across the country. We'd like to have each one configured with rclone to "mount" a single OneDrive location as a share. Is there a maximum limit of connections that can be made to a OneDrive location using rclone?

Thank you.

There is no limit but I can't imagine that would work well as a share over a hundred servers. It's probably better to mount it on each server as that's the point of it.

The OneDrive location would host about 125 GB of data that each server would virtually mount and pull from in order to image end-user machines. The drive would mostly be getting pulled from by at most a few different offices at the same time. We are trying to go this route to bypass network bandwidth limitations at each office. When you say you can't imagine it working well, why is that? My apologies - I'm not the most proficient with the Linux side of things.

I think if the data is mostly static then it will work well. I expect @Animosity022 was concerned about 100s of machines writing to the location which will can cause consistency problems, so machines get a different view of the mount until the directory cache expires.

Thank you! That's an understandable concern. There will be few if any writes to OneDrive from the servers - they'll just be pulling data from the location for reimaging purposes.

As far as rclone is concerned that will work fine. I would hope it would work with onedrive too, but it is possible it might react badly to 100s of connections from all over the place.

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