Maximum filename length with acd crypt?

I got this error while trying to convert my files encfs to crypt with ACD. I’m getting “400 bad request errors”. Does this mean the filename length is too long?

2016/11/15 04:00:17 Failed to copy: HTTP code 400: "400 Bad Request": response body: "{\"logref\":\"0219d2a8-aae8-11e6-9abd-95ba7a7ec646\",\"message\":\"1 validation error detected: Value \\u0027jumlv1poh9o0qkjlna4kup7nje1amp87mc6k54fujuh4kg8rgrsr02g3hhd6cq3jql21s9kvjm6hcsrkhk0a9f32jd6majjhlhl8rfm65ivojigk4h37onb79qmnk0gs3762c8auul1t2qj116frm6k92il0gl1v78fu28fgp31qajve4541cjn5umtv5t2i7m1f0s1q4j2edtjg7rojmjsjk6nc8jsgim1hns5v6lboaa2u2i4slq4nd6ragpv3s8alsaabh16rfkvqdmbljphig4\\u0027 at \\u0027name\\u0027 failed to satisfy constraint: Member must have length less than or equal to 280\",\"code\":\"\"}"

Yes unfortunately. File name encryption expands the file names by a factor of 8/5 or 1.6 which means the longest file name you can have is about 170 chars.

There are various plans to work around this but none avalable right now, eg: or