Massive Upload Usage

Hi All.

I am having a pretty weird issue. I’m doing an rclone move command to a Google Drive crypt.
Current stats on the move:
Transferred: 17.471 GBytes (1.827 MBytes/s)
Errors: 0
Checks: 121
Transferred: 61
Elapsed time: 2h43m11s
This is the upload traffic recorded by the provider in that time:

So 247GB for 18GB of data.

I have seen in the past an issue a user had with ACD where he was sending roughly 10 times the data rclone said he was and that was due to a whole bunch of retries but this seems insane. How can I troubleshoot this?

Are you moving from an ACD crypt? If so likely you are tripping over a bug - try the latest beta.

Neigh, moving from the local drive to a GD crypt. I thought I was running the latest beta but I will ensure and try again.

@ncw I was doing some more reading and someone talked about this option “–no-traverse”
Trying it now seems (at least for now) to have fixed the problem, is it possible on a move this would have an effect?

No traverse is exactly the right option for moving a small number of files into a large repo.

Though you’ll find the latest beta should be much better without the option.

@Dimtar you ever figure out what was going on?

The provider I use found an issue with their monitoring of traffic. Turned out to be not rclone.

sweet, glad to hear, good to know, appreciate the update :wink: