Mascerade special characters in Password

Hi everybody,
i try to connect via https and submit the username an password with following command:


It has worked several times with other passwords but currently I have a password with %p8 in the chain and that is obviously a problem. I get the error >>invalid URL escape "%p8"<<
Is there a possibility to mascerade the password? I ve tried the backslash but that does not work, strangely enough rclone added only another backslash.

Many thanks in advance for your feedback :slight_smile:

Try escaping the % with %25

Can you paste the error you get - I'd like to see where it comes from and whether rclone should be fixing this.

Hey ncw,
thank´s for the feedback.
It works :slight_smile: - I pasted the 25 behind % and no problems any more.

The error was invalid URL escape "%p8"

I wish you a perfect day ....

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