Make windows file server using Rclone

Hello to all,

Guys i’m thinking if is possible to make a file server using Google Drive or OneDrive as storage, when i mount it on my Windows server and try to Share the mounted drive

And if i make it on Ubuntu Server using Samba i get permissions error when try to access from Windows Host.

Did somebody else tried to the same thing?

It should be possible to share an rclone mount on windows… Take a look at this comment and it should hopefully give you a clue on how to do it.

Im sorry but im totally newbie when put the commands a recieve an errorCapture

Are you sure you have tried:

cd "\Program Files (x86)\WinFsp\bin" launchctl-x64 start memfs64 disk "" T: net share memfs64=T:\ /grant:everyone,change

It looks like net share memfs64=T:\ /grant:everyone,change is missing?

“T” its the mounted drive letter?

I guess. I have just arch and ubuntu and can not test it on a windows server right now. Be sure you have mounted rclone with the --allow-other flag. I needed that to solve my sharing problem.

My mount works like charm in my Windows Server, but i want to share it on my others PC using Windows Sharing Options but i get “An error occurered while trying to share X…”

Then you have to narrow down the problem in a time consuming process. :fearful:

What windows server version are you using?
Can you share other mounts or is just the rclone mount the problem?
Have you looked in the logs, because ‘An error occured…’ is really, really vage and hard to fix.

I have windows server 2016 i only have rclone to mount my Google Drive