Lower resources on upload

My dedicated server slows down a lot in every area during upload, so i was wondering what the best practices for conserving resources during upload are.

Right now i have --no-traverse --buffer-size 0 --use-mmap

What resource is slowing down? CPU ? Network?

i'm guessing it's the network which is why everything is running super slow because i run htop and cpu and memory seem to be fine

set a bandwidth limit.... leave 30mbs or so free for other stuff....

for my setup (max out at like 114MiB) i have two macros i use one for the middle of the night when no ones watching anything and one for peak times. --bwlimit 55M is usually plenty fast for me... leaving wiggle room... : ) i'll go 75M if im in a hurry....

Yea the bwlimit flag /setting is the one you want to use if it's actually the network choking up (which should be easy to determine via a resource monitor).

The network being under 100% utilization will always make responsiveness poor for other network related tasks. Just cap it a little under the max and you should be fine. Exactly how much of a margin you need really depends on exactly how bandwidth intensive those other tasks are, but even just a little should help a lot for most uses.

thanks guys i really appreciate it

What's your actual bandwidth on the dedicated that you are using?

If it's linux, you can run something like "iftop" and see the traffic going on.

When you say slows down, what does that mean? You are streaming and it skips?

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