Lost access to my MS 2fa due to stolen phone, can I use Rclone's config to get access again?

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Hi all..

This is a slightly different issue, so not sure if I should post logs, as technically my Rclone is working fine..

I am seeking a way to get back into my oneDrive account's admin panel to revoke 2fa codes. My phone which had my 2fa codes linked to it was stolen, I was certain I had backed everything up.

Is there any thing I could potentially use in the Rclone configuration, such as a OneDrive authentication token to bypass 2fa, so I can get back into my account, and then revoke the 2fa code, and get back to my account. at the same time, I would rather not mess around with things if it could mean I am locked out of the account completly, and would need to reauthenticate to access Rclone.


No for rclone access - it wont help you to recover your account.

In the future always save recovery codes you are given when you enable 2FA - this is exactly what they are for.

In your case read Microsoft community forums and contact Microsoft support. Maybe they have some process in place for situations like this.

there are two ways to recover the account

  1. use recovery email address
  2. use recovery code

so click on Can't access your account? and recover your account.


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