Looking for input on using Rclone mount as Nextcloud data directory with large cache

I’m somewhat familiar with Rclone but I had some questions about this specific use.

I want to use Rclone mount as my data directory for Nextcloud solely to act as a cache between NC and my NAS.

I want Rclone to cache about 2TB worth of whatever the most used files are. This way NC doesn’t have to access my NAS directly for every read/write but it will still be in sync.

If I have the cache size set to 2TB, will those files still get uploaded back to the NAS when they are modified? Or are they only uploaded when uncached? I’m wanting NC and my NAS to stay in sync at all times, while keeping as much data cached as possible.

Also since this is a local to local connection, what protocol do you think would be best? I was thinking either NFS or SMB.

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