Looking for hardware to mount as network drive


Currently, I moved all my files into ACD with rlcone and encrypted them with Crypt. Now I would like to have easy access on all my devices attached to my home network. Therefor, I’m looking for hardware to enable this.

Does anyone have experience with hardware to do this? So the device just would need to decrypt the files from ACD and make them available on a LAN. I’m specifically looking for most minimal processor-types and minimal memory needed for this kind of requirement.

I’m not a Plex user, so it’s not the purpose to transcode, which makes me believe that this is quite a different need than the other threads.

Many thanks in advance!

I’d say “Raspberry Pi”, I think it’s the cheapest hardware to use with rClone but I don’t know about the SDCard lifetime with such I/O :frowning:

If he is simply mounting the cloud storage as a fuse mount via rclone and then presenting it via samba/nfs/http/davs or something, there won’t be much i/o on that SDCARD. If he actually wants to locally cache some of it (like a union layer or something) then yes that would be an issue.

@Cadish you may need to explain more about the use case and the type of i/o and how you want to do it. The use case would dictate the requirement. If it is just a very simple fuse mount of the rclone acd crypt then a raspi-pi might be okay as long as you’re not trying to stream from it.

@calisro, the main goal is to have quick access to files which are archived on ACD. These are primarily files, but can be videos I want to stream too.

My concern with Raspi-pi is the sdcard and the eth cards are all attached together so bandwidth of network traffic can be impacted if you use a lot of sdcard bandwidth. If you have very wide use case (streaming videos is going to be the tough part) then i think you need a slightly better box than the raspi-pi. The streaming will probably be the highest resource piece of your setup. Looking into the future, you’ll probably want to leverage caching when it is available in the rclone mounts which will have high i/o on the local device or even in /dev/shm.

So from a requirements perspective I would look at some of the DIY NAS boxes or NUCs or something that can handle hte load as if you are going to do everything LOCAL. Then once you have that device, you can mount your ACD devices and have that device sufficient enough to handle both.

@calisro, thanks a lot! That confirms a little bit my thoughts. Any requirement on processor and/or memory? Is an i3 processor sufficient with eg 2GB of RAM?

I setup several month ago an unused Raspberry Pi for this exact purpose in the same way as described above.
Until now, no problem at all simply sharing files such as pictures and mid-low resolution video.
With some high res video ( 1080 ), starting playback or FF\RW… it is not so smooth, but if your purpose is just to select a movie and play it… it works.
The problem is not the life of the SD card but the little Raspberry has to download from the cloud and provide it to the LAN with the very same nic.
Pi3 will help.

I did not tested other more powerfoul hardware, since for me it is enough, but I strongly suggest to try first the Rasp before invest much more money in something else and swich to a Intel NUC just in case

I would say that should be fine. Most of what you deal with will be disk I/O. I3 is prob fine. 2GB is prob enough.

Would this work ok as an MP3 server?

To stream mp3? That’s pretty small files. Sure why not.

Ok, thanks a lot @sonus.faber & @calisro! Will get me some i3 with 2GB of RAM then!