Logging INFO messages optional time

Looks like very trivial question but I wasn’t able to find answer so I am sry if this is something thats being asked very often buy the noobs like me.
I am logging my rclone scripts to files and those log files quickly become very big since I am using -v flag. Mostly it’s INFO messages with 1 minute period so is there a way to change this period? to a 5 or 10 min?
And also is there a way to make rclone delete an old log file and start a new one once it reaches certain size?

Sure, use the --stats flag, eg --stats 1h or --stats 15m

rclone doesn’t directly support logrotation at the moment.

There is an issue about this and you’ll see in that thread how to make logrotate work with rclone.

Thank you, kind man.

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