Locale ssd/hdd mountpoint with ram cache about dirlisting and automatic move?

i would be nice like rclone to be a kind of bridge for ssds/ram to the hard drive as incoming and recent folders.
in the form of a cache or after a time delay and everything about a moutpoint would be like unionfs or mergerfs.
but with better performance due to assigned cache.


ssd 1tb as incoming /mnt/ssds
hdd 20tb as recent /mnt/hdd

mounted as /mnt/all

if the memory space would be full or a definable frame of for example 5gb (ssd area) which it then begins to move automatically (hdd area)
when i do it via unionfs or mergersfs the directory disappears briefly until it is completely moved. or it takes him a while to catch on
and it is visible again via /mnt/all

maybe rclone can even do it already and I missed something?

For me it is important that the ssd can unfold fully but that everything remains visible via /mnt/all that is simultaneously read and write mount.

especially in times of m.2 ssds with write rates of 2gb/s and higher.

I imagine I'm not the only one interested.

if it should be inappropriate please delete the entry thank you in the preface.

You want rclone to do storage auto tiering ? I don't know if it is remotely close to rclone goal... ?

why not?

it doesn't cost anything to ask. i think that stimulation and comments should always be welcome. whether or not they are implemented is secondly.

the tool is so great. that even this expansion in the local area would make sense for a handful of people.

so it's a suggestion. perhaps in the near future, it will become a sense of rclone.

considering how rclone has evolved over the last few years, it's become really great.


Oh yeah, of course. Sorry If I sounded "harsh". I was just surprised by the request, so I was making sure that I understood correctly.

don't worry, i didn't find it bad. everyone is allowed to say his own opinion and criticism about it. it's the only way to get ahead :slight_smile:

That is a nice idea... I don't think rclone can do it at the moment automatically.

You could make some scripts to do it though and use the union mount - I'm pretty sure you could get it to work...


  • you make a union of the ssd & hdd
  • you send writes to the ssd in the union
  • once per day you move old files from the ssd to the hdd

thanks for your comment :slight_smile:

would the cache also work for locale files?

especially when there are many small files on the hdd which is mounted in the union. if i now have zb 4000 files/folders on the hdd the listing over the ftp as an example takes 6-10 seconds. because I always access my mounted drives via rclone (cloud, local etc) from outside. and the hard disk flushed the cache after a few minutes without access.

Many small files is a hard case!

The cache backend will work for many small files I think. It isn't well maintained at the moment though so we are developing something new which isn't finished yet!

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