List of files transferred to destination

Is there any way to get the list of transferred files when using the copy command?

rclone copy ./source remote:bucket/test

I'm able to pass the progress into a file and parse the data from it. But that seems like a bad and ugly idea.

rclone copy ./test remote:bucket/test  --progress > ./copy.log

Tips like doing lsf rclone lsf remote:bucket will not help in my scenario.

I need to copy files from the source dir to the remote destination.
It is possible, that none, some, or all the files in source dir already are in a remote destination.
After the copy, i need to know what files were transferred regardless of if they are updated or new files in the destination.

hello and welcome to the forum,

have you read these sections?

might try --log-level=INFO
and test with --dry-run

Hi, thanks for the fast reply. It looks like it might be a solution. I'll try.

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