List directories with size


I'm trying to list the dirs but in json format it shows -1 as size.

Is there any way to make a list with the total size of each dir?


What OS? On a mount, you can:

[felix@gemini GD]$ du -sh *
512	mounted
30T	Movies
0	torrents
45T	TV

or something like:

[felix@gemini GD]$ rclone size gcrypt:Movies --json

Thanks for your reply :smiley:

I'm running it on WIN.

It would be nice that can be added to a lsd list or a json for each dir.

With your --json flag, it shows only the size of the parent dir, but not possible to show for each dir (unless you run the command for each one).

Command line in Windows has "FOR" command. Im forgot win syntax, but in bash on my Android it"s look as:

Some cloud storage systems will show you total content of a directory or bucket, that is why rclone has the size fields on directories.

It is expensive to recurse into directories to find their size which is why rclone doesn't do it on lsjson.

However, you can use rclone size on a directory to see how much is in it. Also for interactive exploration rclone ncdu works very well.

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That works really good :smiley:
Is there any way to export this screen to a txt file? Thanks!

Other than with cut and paste, no, ncdu is designed for interactive exploration.

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